Unique Yom Kippur 2022 Poems For Children

I Hope That These Top Yom Kippur Poems For Children Will Bring You The Blessing On This Holiday:

Unique Yom Kippur Poems For Children

Silver Entrails Invite Me.
Instead Of Chopping A Fish
I’m In One.
Is This A Fish That Offers Blessings?
In Its Giant Hollows
Caverns Pulsate With Blood.
Eggs Spread In Clouds
Out Into The Ocean.
The Deeper You Go In
The Quieter It Gets.

Short Yom Kippur Poems For Children

Dusk Falls And It’s All Over.
I Go Home Past Children Playing In The Autumn Cool.
In Just Enough Light To Catch Sycamores By,
They Polish Conkers In Their Small Hands.
I Pick One Up. An Uneven Globe, A Chunky Seed.
A Child’s Weapon; And A Burnished Promise.

Best Free Yom Kippur Poems For Children

Yom Kippur These Days Means Fish.
He Likes Fish After His Fast;
Herring, Ice-Grey, Stick-Rolled.
Baked, Fried, Chopped Hake Or Cod,
Or Whiting From Autumn Shops.

Yom Kippur Afternoon He Reads
“Jonah”. The Way His Father Always Did It.
The Words Are Old Patterns On Wall-Paper
In A Room In The Unchanged House.

Onion-Eyed, Fish-Handed, I See
My Bared Breath On Stainless Steel.
Glinting, His Fish Lies Diagonal, Stiff
Beside My Reflection. I Push It Under
The Tap. Its Eyes Catch Wet Sunshine.

All I Have Left, God, Is A Fish.
All You Seem To Have Left Me Is A Fish.

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