Famous Happy Father’s Day 2021 Poem From Unborn Child

These Top Happy Father’s Day Poem From Unborn Child Are So Famous And Moved To Tear.

Famous Happy Father’s Day Poem From Unborn Child

Hi, Daddy!

It’s Father’s Day And I’m Not There,
But I Still Wanted You To Know How
Very Much I Care.

These 20 weeks Have Been So Fun
Growing Big And Strong.
Before You Know It, I’ll Be There,
It’s What You And Mummy Have Wanted All Along.

But While I Wait, I Have To Wonder What You Are All About.
Do I Have Your Eyes? Your Mouth Or Nose?
Will You Teach Me All The Things I Need To Know?
Like Letters And Numbers And How To Throw?
Will We Go To The Park And Play Ball?
Will You Pick Me Up When I Fall?

Next Year On This Day, We Will Be Together,
Whether We’re At The Park On The Swings,
Or Reading A Book In A Chair.
Whatever We Do, I Know For Sure
We Will Make One Very Special Pair.

Meaningful Happy Father’s Day Poem From Unborn Child

Thought You’re Never Held Me
In Your Arms.
Or Gazed Upon My Face.
Thought You’re Never Held
Me My Little Hand.
And Let Me On My Way.
Though You’re Never Read Me
Bedtime Stories.
Or Bounced Me On Your Knee
Though You Haven’t Stood For Hours.
As In Awe
You Watched Me Sleep.
Though You Haven Knelt
With Me To Pray.
Or Tucked Me In At Night.
Though You’ve Never Kissed
My Little Cheek.
To Make My Whole World Right.
These Are The Things
I Dream Of
And I Know That You Do Too
And Though Just Yet
We Haven’t Met.
Already, I Love You.

Unique Happy Father’s Day Poem From Unborn Child

I Am Here!
Please Don’t Be Deceived.
I Am A Human Being
From The Moment I Was Conceived!
So Why Is There Such Sadness?
I Feel Despair And Gloom.
For God Is Carefully Weaving Me
Within My Mother’s Womb.
Is That The Voice Of Anger?
Or Is It Doubt And Fear?
Why Doesn’t The World Out There
Want Me Living Here?
God Am I Unwanted?
For I’m So Meek And Mild.
Can Anybody Hear My Cry?
I’m The Voice Of The Unborn Child.
Are People Disappointed?
Am I Not In Your Plan?
Jesus, Help Me Now.
I Just Don’t Understand!
I Am Alive And Well
So Please Do Me No Harm.
Let Me Come Into The World
And Be Loved In Someone’s Arms.
My Plea Is That You Save My Life.
Can You Hear My Cry?
Have Mercy Now And Hear My Prayer.
Please Don’t Let Me Die!
The Father Has A Plan For Me
And He Will Help You See;
There Is Someone In The World
Who’ll Take Good Care Of Me!
I Ask You Now To Let Me Live.
And Know That It Is True;
You Will Never Be Alone.
‘Cause God Will Help You Through.
He’ll Guide You And Will Comfort You
In Your Pain And Strife;
Please Listen To Your Child Within.
And Give To Me My Life!

I Think These Meaningful Happy Father’s Day Poem From Unborn Child Will Be The Inspiration For All Parents.

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