Famous Columbus Day 2021 Poems For Elementary

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Famous Columbus Day Poems For Elementary

COLUMBUS IN CHAINS by Philip Freneau

Are These The Honors They Reserve For Me,
Chains For The Man Who Gave New Worlds To Spain!
Rest Here, My Swelling Heart! — O Kings, O Queens,
Patrons Of Monsters, And Their Progeny,
Authors Of Wrong, And Slaves To Fortune Merely!
Why Was I Seated By My Prince’s Side,
Honor’d, Caress’d Like Some First Peer Of Spain?
Was It That I Might Fall Most Suddenly
From Honor’s Summit To The Sink Of Scandal?
‘T Is Done, ‘T Is Done! — What Madness Is Ambition!
What Is There In That Little Breath Of Men,
Which They Call Fame, That Should Induce The Brave
To Forfeit Ease And That Domestic Bliss
Which Is The Lot Of Happy Ignorance,
Less Glorious Aims, And Dull Humility? —
Whoe’er Thou Art That Shalt Aspire To Honor,
And On The Strength And Vigor Of The Mind
Vainly Depending, Court A Monarch’s Favor,
Pointing The Way To Vast Extended Empire;
First Count Your Pay To Be Ingratitude,
Then Chains And Prisons, And Disgrace Like Mine!
Each Wretched Pilot Now Shall Spread His Sails,
And Treading In My Footsteps, Hail New Worlds,
Which, But For Me, Had Still Been Empty Visions.

Best Free Columbus Day Poems For Elementary

What Was It Like?

What Is It Like To Be Brave And Courageous.
I Think That If Anyone Knew.
It Must Have Been Christopher Columbus
And The Men Who Were In His Crew.

Would You Be Willing To Sail For Months.
Across An Ocean, Not Knowing Your Way?
And When You Walk To Lands That Were Strange.
Would You Turn Around Or Would You Stay?

I Wonder What It Was Like To Be There.
All That’s Around You Utterly New.
The Sight And Sounds And Strange New Smells.
I Think I Would Be Frightened – Would You?

Unique Columbus Day Poems For Elementary

What Makes Columbus A Hero?

In 1942, Christopher Columbus Sailed.
And The Sailors In The Back With Their Bucket Bailed.

Because The Ship They Sailed In Were Leaky Old Boats.
And The Map They Had Were Very Sketchy Notes.

And Entire Ocean They Had To Get Across,
And The Truth Is Most Of The Time They Were Lost.

They Were Looking For India, They Didn’t Find It.
But They Found The Americas, So They Didn’t Mind It.

But They Kept Track Of The Journey, West And North.
And They Figured Out How To Get Back And Forth.

If Anyone Asks You What Did Really Do.
Tell Them He Sailed To America, But He Came Back Too.

I Think That These Famous Columbus Day Poems For Elementary Can Bring The Basic Knowledge For Your Children.

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