Famous Christian Parents Day 2022 Poems From Children

A Christian Poem As A Prayer For Children Everywhere. Here Is The Famous Chiristian Parents Day Poems From Children:

Famous Christian Parents Day Poems From Children

Lord, I Pray For All The Children,
I Lift Them Up To You,
I Know You Love And Accept Them All
And Want To Bless Them Too
For There Are So Many In Need Of Love,
A Hug From Someone Who Cares
Dying To Hear The Words, ”I Love You”
Longing To Know Someone’s There

For Many Children Are Hurting, Lord,
And Many Have Lost Their Way
They’ve Never Known Genuine Love,
Nor Been Taught How To Pray
Many Children Have Been Abused
And Some Have Lost Their Lives
And Others Who Have Broken Homes
Just Want To Curl Up And Die

Some Are Wandering Aimlessly,
Not Knowing Who They Are
Addcted To Whatever They Can Get,
Trying To Fill An Empty Heart

Lord, There Are Many That Do Not Know
How Much You Really Love Them
Touch Them, Lord, Deep In TheirHearts
And Heal The Hurt Within

I Pray That They Will Come To Know
Your Saving Grace, O Lord,
To Realize Through You, They Can Be Free
From What They’ve Known Before
It’s Only By Your Saving Love
Can They Ever Be Set Free,
To Walk With You, Victorious
And Become All They Should Be.

Children Who Want To Show Your Love With Parents Can Choose This Christian Parents Day Poems From Children To Give Them.

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