Famous Christian Happy Labor Day 2021 Poems

These Famous Christian Happy Labor Day Poems Are Very Inspirational For You To Take One Of Them.

Famous Christian Happy Labor Day Poems


While working for Jesus
We have to press on til we finish
Laboring for our master
And selfish goals relinquish
To look on the harvest fields
That are already ripe
To reap in the lost souls
Of every color and stripe
Loving souls as we labor
The way that Jesus did
Giving out the saving message
Not letting the gospel light be hid
We must finish the work
That Jesus gave us to do
To lay up treasures in heaven
And to our calling ever be true

Meaningful Christian Happy Labor Day Poems


Let’s publish the word of the lord
Both near and far
To tell the world who Jesus is
And who we are
We are children of the most high god
Who sent his son to die on the tree
To deliver us from the bondage of sin
And to set us free

Let’s publish this wonderful good news
Of the gospel and not be ashamed
We’ve been redeemed by jesus’ shed blood
And our souls have been reclaimed
We are now ambassaders and representatives
For our great king
Let’s shout it from the housetops
And tell the world about Jesus and sing

The harvest is bountiful and plentious
When the way of salvation to sinners we show
Let’s not be silent,
But let the redeemed of the lord say so
God will bring the harvest,
We only have to obey
And leave the results in his hands
After he tells us what to say

Let’s tell the good news and glad tidings
To people everywhere
And plead with them to trust Jesus
For their eternity to prepare
God has made a promise
That his word will not return void
So let’s keep sowing the gospel seed
And when the harvest comes, we’ll be overjoyed

Best Free Christian Happy Labor Day Poems


A good samaritan is a person
Who sees the need
And takes the time to help out
With many a kind helpful deed
She doesn’t turn her head the other way
And act like she doesn’t see
But will work all day for the poor and needy
And not even charge a fee
The good samaritan is willing
To go the extra mile
Even to help someone in her family
With a cheerful smile
The good samaritan’s payday will be
With treasures laid up in heaven
As our heavenly father remembers
All the things to him she has given

Now, I Hope That People Will Have The Good Feelings On Labor Day When They Read These Inspirational Christian Happy Labor Day Poems.

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