Catholic Prayers For Happy Veterans Day 2021

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Catholic Prayers For Happy Veterans Day

By Joanna Fuchs

Dear Lord,
Today We Honor Our Veterans,
Worthy Men And Women
Who Gave Their Best
When They Were Called Upon
To Serve And Protect Their Country.
We Pray That You Will Bless Them, Lord,
For Their Unselfish Service
In The Continual Struggle
To Preserve Our Freedoms, Our Safety,
And Our Country’s Heritage, For All Of Us.
Bless Them Abundantly
For The Hardships They Faced,
For The Sacrifices They Made,
For Their Many Different Contributions
To America’s Victories
Over Tyranny And Oppression.
We Respect Them, We Thank Them,
We Honor Them, We Are Proud Of Them,
And We Pray That You Will Watch Over
These Special People
And Bless Them With Peace And Happiness.
In Jesus’ Name We Pray; Amen.

Best Catholic Prayers For Happy Veterans Day


Dear Lord, We Pray For Blessings On This Assembly
Of Extraordinary Men And Women,
Who Did Things Most People Don’t Want To Do,
Went To Places We Would Never Want To Visit,
And Lived At Length In Uncomfortable Surroundings
We Can’t Even Imagine.
They Did What They Did From Devotion
To Their Country’s Freedom, Honor And Reputation.
They Endured Difficult Service
Because They Are Exceptional People,
A Cut Above The Rest Of Us,
Who Live Safe, Comfortable Lives.
We Pray That You Will Bless Them Mightily, Lord.
Lavish On Them Now
Abundant Comforts And Pleasures
They So Often Did Without.
We Pray That Our Country
Will Always Honor Their Service
Expressing Frequently Profuse Gratitude
For Their Service To Keep Us Safe And Free.
In Jesus’ Name We Pray; Amen.

Meaningful Catholic Prayers For Happy Veterans Day


On This Day Of Remembrance,
We Bow Our Heads To Honor
The Thousands Of Men And Women Who In Years Past
Gave Their Lives So That We Can Be Free.
And We Pray For Those Young Soldiers And Sailors Today,
Who Are Risking Their Lives Far From Their Homes And Families.

We Are Humbled By Their Sacrifice.
We Are Thankful For The Liberties And Privileges That Our Veterans
Defended For Us.
We Are Saddened That More Of Our Sons And Daughters Are Now Facing The
Perils Of War.

Dear God, In These Days Of Uncertainty We Have Lost Our Way.
Some Of Us Feel Disconnected.
Some Of Us Are Angry.
Some Of Us Are Afraid.

Eternal Spirit, As Bombs Drop And Questions Rise
We Ask For Your Guidance.
Help Us To Turn Our Confusion Into Stillness,
Our Fear Into Trust,
Our Anger Into Love.
And Help Our Leaders To Find A Way To Turn Battlefields Into Gardens Of

This Morning We Awoke In God’s Palace…
Here In Lincoln, And In Mazar-E-Sharif.
The Sun That Nourishes Us All With Warmth And Light
Rose Over The Curve Of This Beautiful Blue Planet Again Today,
As It Always Has, And Always Will, For All Eternity.
May The Divine Peace That Prevails In The Firmament
Come Into Each Of Us Today.

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