Best Free Columbus Day 2021 Poems For Kindergarten

Here Is The Collection Of Best Free Columbus Day Poems For Kindergarten For You To Check:

Best Free Columbus Day Poems For Kindergarten

Things That Haven’T Been Done Before – by Edgar Albert Guest

The Things That Haven’t Been Done Before,
Those Are The Things To Try;
Columbus Dreamed Of An Unknown Shore
At The Rim Of The Far-Flung Sky,
And His Heart Was Bold And His Faith Was Strong
As He Ventured In Dangers New,
And He Paid No Heed To The Jeering Throng
Or The Fears Of The Doubting Crew.

The Many Will Follow The Beaten Track
With Guideposts On The Way,
They Live And Have Lived For Ages Back
With A Chart For Every Day.
Someone Has Told Them It’s Safe To Go
On The Road He Has Traveled O’er,
And All That They Ever Strive To Know
Are The Things That Were Known Before.

A Few Strike Out, Without Map Or Chart,
Where Never A Man Has Been,
From The Beaten Paths They Draw Apart
To See What No Man Has Seen.
There Are Deeds They Hunger Alone To Do;
Though Battered And Bruised And Sore,
They Blaze The Path For The Many, Who
Do Nothing Not Done Before.

The Things That Haven’t Been Done Before
Are The Tasks Worth While To-Day;
Are You One Of The Flock That Follows, Or
Are You One That Shall Lead The Way?
Are You One Of The Timid Souls That Quail
At The Jeers Of A Doubting Crew,
Or Dare You, Whether You Win Or Fail,
Strike Out For A Goal That’s New?

Unique Columbus Day Poems For Kindergarten

Columbus by Joaquin Miller

Behind Him Lay The Gray Azores,
Behind The Gates Of Hercules;
Before Him Not The Ghost Of Shores,
Before Him Only Shoreless Seas.
The Good Mate Said: “Now We Must Pray,
For Lo! The Very Stars Are Gone.
Brave Admiral, Speak, What Shall I Say?”
“Why, Say, ‘Sail On! Sail On! And On!’ “

“My Men Grow Mutinous Day By Day;
My Men Grow Ghastly Wan And Weak.”
The Stout Mate Thought Of Home; A Spray
Of Salt Wave Washed His Swarthy Cheek.
“What Shall I Say, Brave Admiral, Say,
If We Sight Naught But Seas At Dawn?”
“Why, You Shall Say At Break Of Day,
‘Sail On! Sail On! And On!’ “

They Sailed And Sailed, As Winds Might Blow,
Until At Last The Blanched Mate Said:
“Why, Now Not Even God Would Know
Should I And All My Men Fall Dead.
These Very Winds Forget Their Way,
For God From These Dead Seas Is Gone.
Now Speak, Brave Admiral, Speak And Say” —
He Said, “Sail On! Sail On! And On!”

They Sailed. They Sailed. Then Spake The Mate:
“This Mad Sea Shows His Teeth Tonight.
He Curls His Lip, He Lies In Wait,
With Lifted Teeth, As If To Bite!
Brave Admiral, Say But One Good Word:
What Shall We Do When Hope Is Gone?”
The Words Leapt Like A Leaping Sword:
“Sail On! Sail On! Sail On! And On!”

Then Pale And Worn, He Kept His Deck,
And Peered Through Darkness. Ah, That Night
Of All Dark Nights! And Then A Speck —
A Light! A Light! At Last A Light!
It Grew, A Starlit Flag Unfurled!
It Grew To Be Time’s Burst Of Dawn.
He Gained A World; He Gave That World
Its Grandest Lesson: “On! Sail On!”

Meaningful Columbus Day Poems For Kindergarten

Dreary And Brown The Night Comes Down,
Gloomy, Without A Star.
On Palos Town The Night Comes Down;
The Day Departs With Stormy Frown;
The Sad Sea Moans Afar.

A Convent Gate Is Near; ‘Tis Late;
Tin-Gling! The Bell They Ring.
They Ring The Bell, They Ask For Bread–
“Just For My Child,” The Father Said.
Kind Hands The Bread Will Bring.

White Was His Hair, His Mien Was Fair,
His Look Was Calm And Great.
The Porter Ran And Called A Friar;
The Friar Made Haste And Told The Prior;
The Prior Came To The Gate.

He Took Them In, He Gave Them Food;
The Traveler’s Dreams He Heard;
And Fast The Midnight Moments Flew.
And Fast The Good Man’s Wonder Grew,
And All His Heart Was Stirred.

The Child The While, With Soft, Sweet Smile,
Forgetful Of All Sorrow,
Lay Soundly Sleeping In His Bed.
The Good Man Kissed Him There, And Said:
“You Leave Us Not To-Morrow!

“I Pray You, Rest The Convent’s Guest;
This Child Shall Be Our Own–
A Precious Care, While You Prepare
Your Business With The Court, And Bear
Your Message To The Throne.”

And So His Guest He Comforted.
O Wise, Good Prior! To You,
Who Cheered The Stranger’s Darkest Days,
And Helped Him On His Way, What Praise
And Gratitude Are Due!

I Think These Unique Columbus Day Poems For Kindergarten Will Make Children Excited.

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